Fluorescent lighting fixtures are energy effective and last much longer than regular light bulbs. They are used in 53% of homes and businesses in the United States. Although, they save you money in the long run, their disposal is of great concern. These fixtures contain small amounts of mercury. If a person inhales or absorbs mercury over an extended period, the result can be detrimental to their health an EPA report states. (No mercury is released when the bulbs are in use.) Businesses and homeowners not only reduce their expenses by having these lighting fixtures collected and recycled, but they will also help to keep our environment free of the toxic chemicals contained in these fluorescent light bulbs.

Call us for our fees! Whether you have 1 fluorescent light fixture or 1000, we can help you and save you money!

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Schaefer Enterprises & SEI’s recycling and Baling Center Announces a New Service for Weld County!


We will begin accepting fluorescent lighting fixtures on November 18, 2013 as part of our recycling efforts. When the new law was put into place on July 1, 2013, not only did landfills stop accepting electronics, but they also stopped taking fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent lighting fixtures are dangerous to our environment and to us. They contain mercury and if broken, these dangerous chemicals not only threaten our environment, but they also threaten our health.

How can we help? Let us collect your fluorescent lighting fixtures!

Bring your fluorescent lighting fixtures to us or we can go collect them from you. We promise you that we will ensure that they are recycled safely. In order to do this, we have invested in this new piece of equipment:

This machine is called a Bulb Eater® and it does exactly what it says! Our workers with disABILITIES will feed your fluorescent light bulb into this machine and it will crush it down to the smallest pieces. There are different filters in the Bulb Eater ® and their primary responsibility is to capture and neutralizes the mercury vapor released from the lamps during crushing. Once the drum is full, we will ship it to a certified recycling center for the final processing.

Why Should Your Bring Your Fluorescent lighting fixtures to us?

  • You no longer have to try to figure out what to do with your spent fluorescent lighting fixtures. Waste management companies won’t take them but WE WILL!
  • We will dispose of them safely protecting you and your family from the mercury.
  • Because the Bulb Eater ® does the majority of the work for the certified recycling center, your costs will be cheaper than shipping the bulbs unbroken to a certified recycling center.
  • Businesses typically have to spend a great deal of money on pre-paid fluorescent lighting bins or cardboard boxes. These containers are expensive and so are the costs to ship the spent light bulbs to a certified recycling center that will meet all hazardous waste regulations. Using SEI’s Recycling and Baling Center to collect these fixtures will save you up to 52%.
  • On-Going Collection Services: We can provide businesses a bin to use to collect their fluorescent fixtures safely. We can come as needed to exchange out your bin and take your old ones away to feed to the Bulb Eater®!
  • We can take fluorescent tube lights any length, U-Bend fluorescent fixtures and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • By using the Bulb Eater ®, we meet all of the regulations for hazardous waste recycling and you can be rest assured that we have safely disposed of your fluorescent lighting fixtures.
  • It can help business and homeowners alike reduce their liability as the new recycling laws are enforced.
  • Can’t bring in your fluorescent lighting fixtures? Call us and we will pick them up for you!
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